Eisteddfod 2010 One Day Registration: 

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One-Day festival tickets including all programs, meals, and lodging

Either Friday dinner through Saturday lunch or Saturday dinner through Sunday lunch

Print out and send the form below, with a Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope (or include your e-mail address) and check pay­able to FMSNY, to:
Heather Wood                      212-957-8386; <registrar@folkmusicny.org>
444 W. 54th St, #7,
New York, NY 10019
Note: payment in full is required with registration.  All but $20 is refundable until October 1st. All but $50 is refundable until October 22nd; no refunds after that date..
Members Rates are available to members of The Folk Music Society of NY., Inc and co-operating organizatrions*:

Here is my full payment of $_________ for [ ] Friday / [ ] Saturday at the 2010 Eisteddfod.  (All rooms have private bath.)

adults, double; _____members @ $165 ea, _____non-members @ $172.50 ea=$________

____children (under 17, sharing with 2 adults), age_____,  @ $40 ea= $________.

adults, triple,  _____members @ $142.50 ea; _____non-members @ $150 ea=$________

adults, single, _____ members @ $215 ea; _____non-members @ $222.50 ea=$________

____Students (full-time) 17-22, in double room @ $130 ea = $_______

[ ] I wish to help support the Eisteddfod; my check includes an additional $_________.  (Additional contributions are tax deductible, as permitted by law.)

Name___________________________________ Phone day (____ )________________; 

Address__________________________________,   eve (____)_____________________

City___________________________ State _____ ZIP ________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________   

Emergency contact during weekend:________________________________

Other Names in Party:____________________________________________________________________

Requested room or roommate?_____________________________________

[ ] vegetarian;  [ ] vegetarian eats fish;  [ ] vegan;  [ ] no red meat; [ ] no poultry;   [ ] no fish; [ ] no dairy;   [ ]other(explain:____________________________________________)

[ ] I will be driving from ____________________________________ at _____AM/PM and can take ___ additional passengers.

[ ] I need a ride, from ______________________________________________________, if possible

Do not include my [ ]e-mail and/or [ ]phone number on the address list..

*organizations include: Borderline Folk Music Club; Branford Folk Music Soc.; Country Dance and Song Soc. (CDSS); Folk Project, NJ; Folk Song Soc. of Greater Boston; Folklore Soc. of Greater Washington; New York Revels; & Peoples' Music Network. Please indicate which organization you are a member of. 

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