Themes from a Hat

This is a great and engaging "mixer" for any gathering because literally everyone can participate, not just singers or musicians. The moderator should indicate that "anything goes" -- anyone can offer a song or poem and the song does not have to be a folk song. Some of the most enthusiastic singing happens on show tunes or pop numbers!

Equipment needed:


This game is the brainchild of Mike Agranoff. He writes," I once attended a session of "Bird Songs" hosted by Cindy Kallet. And she and others spent the hour in singing songs about birds. There was "When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along" and "There Once Was An Ugly Duckling" and several songs entitled "Blackbird" and so on. The songs were nice. But the best part was the first few opening lines when one recognized the song and went 'Oh yeah!' I wanted to come up with a concept that concentrated the 'Oh Yeah!' factor. So I thought, we don't need the whole song. Just pieces of them."