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Our weekends are a great opportunity to sing, jam, learn, hang out, and generally enjoy good music in good company in great surroundings. You do not have to be a performer to enjoy the weekend — anyone who is interested in hearing folk music of all kinds will have a great time. General FAQs. Children at weekends FAQs.

Note: Scholarships are available to help with costs at all our weekends. Download the Scholarship Information and Application (MS Word format) to apply. And if you have not attended any of the last three weekends, you are entitled to a $100 discount. Just note it on your registration form.

We hold three weekends a year:

  • Fall: Friday October 21 – Sunday 23 2016 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY. Featured staff, workshops, concerts, camper concerts, jams, sings, dances, etc.....
  • Winter: Friday February 10 – Sunday February 12, 2017 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY.
  • Spring: Memorial Day weekend, Friday May 26 – Monday 29 , 2017 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY. Featured staff, workshops, concerts, camper concerts, jams, sings, dances, etc. Read one member's comments.
General Weekend Frequently Asked Questions
Jamming - click to enlarge
Singing - click to enlarge More singing - click to enlarge
Still more singing - click to enlarge
Themes from a Hat
A great "mixer" that we sometimes use at our weekends.

Whether you come to every weekend, come occasionally, or have never tried it, please take our weekend survey.

Got Kids?
Spring and Fall we often offer kids' programs, such as a “petting zoo” where they can actually handle different instruments (fun for adults too!) and more. So bring the kids, grand-kids, etc., and encourage families you know to join us. See also the Children's FAQs.

2016 Fall Folk Music Weekend

21 – 23 October at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, 400 Granite Road, Kerhonkson, NY. (15 miles west of New Paltz, NY) — see for hotel details.

About the Fall Weekend * Fall Weekend Staff * Pricing * Fall Weekend Basic Schedule

(For details of past weekends, formats, etc., see our Past Weekends page.)

About the Fall Weekend

From dinner on Friday night to lunch on Sunday, expect a weekend full of music, camaraderie, and relaxation. After dinner on Friday, we will Meet the Staff, when each of our staff members does a brief show-and-tell about their weekend workshops. Then we'll probably play Themes from a Hat, followed by late-night jamming and singing.

Saturday will offer a variety of workshops, a dance, a Camper Concert where all attendees are invited to perform, and an evening concert, with late-night jamming and singing. Sunday morning there will be workshops until lunch, then it is all over until next time.  The hotel and the area offer plenty of options for hiking, swimming in the heated indoor pool, indulging in the spa (extra charges), orjust lying about and relaxing.

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Fall Weekend Staff

(more to come)

Colleen Cleveland Colleen Cleveland
is a fifth-generation ballad singer of traditional ballads and songs carried by her family. Her grandmother, Sara Cleveland, was a well known ballad singer in the 1960s. Colleen grew up going to festivals and learning the songs in the oral tradition. After Sara’s death in 1987, both Colleen and her father, Jim Cleveland, were encouraged to keep the family songs alive. Colleen and Jim received the Traditional Arts of Upstate New York Heritage Award in 1994 for their efforts to bring these songs to the public. The family repertoire of songs runs the gamut from 15th-century Irish, Scots, and English ballads to local area songs, cowboy songs, Civil War and World War I songs, and many other genres.
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Archie Fisher Archie Fisher
is a Scottish singer and songwriter whose guitar style influenced a generation. Born into a singing family, he performed with sister Ray and other family members including Cilla Fisher and Artie Trezise. Archie spent many years working with the BBC, hosting the series Travelling Folk and writing songs for many radio and TV documentaries. He also directed the Edinburgh Folk Festival. As well as having a wealth of traditional songs, Archie has penned some great new ones, including "The Final Trawl," recorded by the Clancy Brothers and others. Archie was honored by Queen Elizabeth with an MBE in 2008.
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Dennis Stroughmatt Dennis Stroughmatt
is from Illinois Country, settled by French Creoles over three hundred years ago along the Wabash and Mississippi River corridors. He is a fantastic fiddler, his music bridging the gap between contemporary Canadian and Louisiana Cajun styles. Preserved by families in the Ozark foothills, the music remains largely intact and true to the traditions that have been passed down over the generations. Dennis inspires interest and excitement in a region that has been, in may ways, ignored by the history books. What many have considered to be long lost is alive and kicking.
Dennis's's website
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Susan Trump Susan Trump
has been singing with instruments since she was in high school, just because it was fun. She grew up singing along with Peter Paul and Mary, and John Denver. The traditional songs were the stories of everyday people who lived in earlier times, under different circumstances, but shared the same hopes and dreams that we have today. The contemporary folk songs that she likes to sing paint similar pictures with words and inspire us with messages of hope in the human spirit. She treats her instrument, the mountain dulcimer, as her singing partner. She sings the melody, and lets the instrument back her up.

N.B., Susan is no relation to that other Trump ...
Susan's website

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Fall Weekend Pricing

Fall Pricing
Note: If you have not attended any of our last three weekends (Fall 2015, Winter and Spring 2016), you get a $100 discount.
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Fall Weekend Basic Schedule

Friday Sunday
5:00 p.m.Check in and Registration8:30 am Breakfast (until 9:30 am)
7:00 pmDinner (until 8:30 pm)9:30 am Workshops
8:30 pm Meet the Staff - find out who is doing what.12:30 pm Lunch (until 1:30 pm)
10:00 pm Snacks and coffee, followed by informal jamming and singingAll over until next time. Hugs encouraged!
Saturday Making Music
8:30 amBreakfast (until 9:30 am)
9:30 amWorkshops
1:00 pmLunch (until 2:30 pm)
2:30 pmWorkshops
3:45 pmDance with the Pinewoods Pickup Band
4:45 pmCamper Concert
6:00 pmDinner (until 7:45 pm)
8:00 pmStaff Concert
10:00 pmSnacks and coffee, followed by informal jamming and singing

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2017 Winter Folk Music Weekend

Friday February 10 to Sunday, February 12, 2017
at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, 400 Granite Road, Kerhonkson, NY. (15 miles west of New Paltz, NY) map.

This weekend is less formal than our Spring and Fall weekends, which have planned workshops, concerts, etc. It is a weekend filled with informal music and dancing, jamming and singing all over the place, where the only scheduled "events" are mealtimes.

Comments from a participant:  “One of my favorite memories is of the weekend where we were snowed in—but who cared. We were comfortable, fed well—there were Scrabble players and our traditional jigsaw puzzles and, best of all, music all around. I love the relaxed atmosphere of this weekend and look forward to it every year.” Eileen Pentel

Download another member's comments (pdf) (It's from years ago at a different location but it still describes the spirit of the weekend!)
The best experience is to come for the whole weekend and stay at the hotel, but you can also come just for the day (or part).

Pictures from 2009 Winter Weekend ... Pictures from 2010 Winter Weekend
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