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Our weekends are a great opportunity to sing, jam, learn, hang out, and generally enjoy good music in good company in great surroundings. You do not have to be a performer to enjoy the weekend--anyone who is interested in hearing folk music of all kinds will have a great time. General FAQs. Children at weekends FAQs.
We hold three a year:

  • Spring — Memorial Day weekend, Friday 22 – Monday 25 May, 2015 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY. Featured staff, workshops, concerts, camper concerts, jams, sings, dances, etc. Read one member's comments
  • Fall — Friday 6 – Sunday 8 November 2015 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY. Featured staff, workshops, concerts, camper concerts, jams, sings, dances, etc.....
  • Winter — probably February 5 – 7, 2016, at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY. An informal weekend of singing, dancing, and jamming. more information below
Note: Scholarships are available to help with costs at all our weekends. Download the Scholarship Information and Application (MS Word format) to apply.
General Weekend Frequently Asked Questions
Jamming - click to enlarge
Singing - click to enlarge More singing - click to enlarge
Still more singing - click to enlarge
Themes from a Hat
A great "mixer" that we sometimes use at our weekends.

Whether you come to every weekend, come occasionally, or have never tried it, please take our weekend survey.

Got Kids?
Spring and Fall we often offer kids' programs, such as a “petting zoo” where they can actually handle different instruments (fun for adults too!) and more. So bring the kids, grand-kids, etc., and encourage families you know to join us. See also the Children's FAQs.

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2015 Spring Folk Music Weekend


Memorial Day Weekend (22 – 25 May) at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, 400 Granite Road, Kerhonkson, NY. (15 miles west of New Paltz, NY) map. — see for hotel details. (For details of past weekends, formats, etc., see our Past Weekends page.)

About the Spring Weekend * Weekend Staff * Pricing etc. * Schedule

About the Spring Weekend

From dinner on Friday night to lunch on Monday, expect a weekend full of music, camaraderie, and relaxation. After dinner on Friday, we will Meet the Staff, when each of our staff members does a brief show-and-tell about their weekend workshops. Then we'll probably play Themes from a Hat, followed by late-night jamming and singing (with snacks and coffee). There will be a Silent Auction to benefit our scholarship funds, where you can find many a treasure.

Saturday and Sunday will offer a variety of workshops, a dance (or maybe two), a Camper Concert where all attendees are invited to perform, and an evening concert, with late-night jamming and singing.

Monday morning there will be workshops until lunch, then it is all over until next time

The hotel and the area offer plenty of options for hiking, swimming in the heated indoor pool, indulging in the spa (extra charges), or just lying about and relaxing.

We hope you will join us!

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Weekend Staff

CrossStitch CrossStitch (Alice Backer and Phyllis Elkind)
perform old-time country music featuring tight vocal harmonies and solid instrumentation. Their influences include the old-time sound of the Blue Sky Boys, the country sound of the Louvin Brothers, and the bluegrass sound of the Stanley Brothers and Jim and Jesse — music popularized by the movies Oh Brother! Where Art Thou and Cold Mountain.Although they are not brothers (nor are they sisters), they do share a love of this style of music and its rich repertoire. They accompany their singing with guitar, fiddle and autoharp.
Geoff Kaufman Geoff Kaufman
offers songs of the sea, songs of the earth, songs of the heart and the spirit. He ranges from ancient ballads to work songs, songs of love to humorous glimpses of human foibles, and insights into history. At the core of Geoff's performance is his rich tenor voice and an exuberant love of singing. And part of that love is to entice audiences to sing along, to share in the exhilaration of full-throated vocalization if they wish. In this age of electronic overload and passive media pabulum, Geoff likes to stress the "live" in live performance, promoting participation, be it by voice or heart or mind.
Geoff's website
John Krumm John Krumm
is an internationally recognized composer of rounds and partner songs. He teaches singing classes and choral workshops at Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camps, as well as folk and family music camps around the country. Currently, John is musical director, arranger and composer for Summoning the Sun, an annual event featuring vintage and traditional music and mumming. He also is composer in residence for the Living Books program. John believes singing is a right for everyone, not a gift for the elite. We are all greatly diminished for every voice that is not heard. In his other incarnation, John has spent the last 42 years as a dance caller and musician, and will be our dance caller for the weekend. Music provided by the ever-popular Pinewoods Pickup Band.
John's website
Brenna MacCrimmon Brenna MacCrimmon
was always intrigued by scratchy 78s and strange ghostly sounds. She first heard Turkish and Balkan folk music in the vinyl collection of her local public library in the early 1980s .She has worked with Turkish and Macedonian groups in Toronto over the years and has made frequent trips to Turkey and environs to absorb the music and culture. Brenna has branched out from her Turkish music, to performing early blues with Bill Westcott on piano.
Monica-Lisa Mills Monica-Lisa Mills
sings traditional songs from Ireland, in Irish and English, and from the American south — Appalachian, early country, old time, sacred harp, primitive Baptist, and related styles. She also teach traditional singing at Jalopy Theater and School of Music, in Brooklyn, NY.
Monica-Lisa's website
Bill Westcott Bill Westcott
is a pianist, composer, arranger, musicologist and music theorist specializing in African-American and classical music of the 20th century. A piano player from the age of 8, Bill studied blues piano with “Little Brother” Montgomery, a major blues recording artist of the 1930s and of the later blues revival, alongside his formal university training in music. This experience confirmed him in his life-long interest in early blues and jazz piano styles. Recently, he has been working with Brenna MacCrimmon.

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Pricing etc.

Per Person, three days, Fri – Mon Per Person, two days, Fri – Sun
DoubleMember$430Non-member$450 DoubleMember$325Non-member$345
SingleMember$520Non-member$540 SingleMember$385Non-member$405
TripleMember$385Non-member$405 TripleMember$295Non-member$315
Children (in a room with two adults) — Under six years — free Dogs
Three days: 6-12 years: $125; 13-17 years: $185.Two days: 6-12 years: $90; 13-17 years: $130 $50
Special "Friends" rate for those 21 – 35 years old Extra days (Thurs and/or Tues)
Three days: Double $245; Triple $230. Two days: Double $185; Triple $155 $50, no meals

Order online: General Weekend:; Special Friends Rate:

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Spring Weekend Schedule

The basic schedule is below. Check out the actual Preliminary Schedule (pdf). (Note: rooms have yet to be allocated)

Friday Monday
5:00 p.m. Check in and Registration 8:30 am Breakfast (until 9:30 am)
7:00 pm Dinner (until 8:30 pm) 9:30 am Workshops
8:30 pm Meet the Staff - find out who is doing what. 12:30 pm Lunch (until 1:30 pm)
10:00 pm Snacks and coffee, followed by informal jamming and singing All over until next time. Hugs encouraged!
Saturday and Sunday Making Music
8:30 amBreakfast (until 9:30 am)
9:30 amWorkshops
1:00 pmLunch (until 2:30 pm)
2:30 pmWorkshops
3:45 pmDance with the Pinewoods Pickup Band
4:45 pmCamper Concert
6:00 pmDinner (until 7:45 pm)
8:00 pmStaff Concert
10:00 pmSnacks and coffee, followed by informal jamming and singing
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2015 Fall Folk Music Weekend

Friday 6 – 8 November 2015 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY. Featured staff, workshops, concerts, camper concerts, jams, sings, dances, etc.....

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2016 Winter Folk Music Weekend

Probably Friday to Sunday, February 5 – 7, 2016
at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, 400 Granite Road, Kerhonkson, NY. (15 miles west of New Paltz, NY) map.

This weekend is less formal than our Spring and Fall weekends, which have planned workshops, concerts, etc.  It is a weekend filled with informal music and dancing.

Comments from a participant:  “One of my favorite memories is of the weekend where we were snowed in—but who cared. We were comfortable, fed well—there were Scrabble players and our traditional jigsaw puzzles and, best of all, music all around. I love the relaxed atmosphere of this weekend and look forward to it every year.” Eileen Pentel

Download another member's comments (pdf) (It's from years ago at a different location but it still describes the spirit of the weekend!)
The best experience is to come for the whole weekend and stay at the hotel, but you can also come just for the day (or part).

Pictures from 2009 Winter Weekend ... Pictures from 2010 Winter Weekend

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